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On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Driving Under The Influence

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) in Illinois is a serious criminal offense. There are many potential outcomes to a DUI case. DUI can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. Criminal penalties can range from a minimum sentence of Court Supervision with conditions for a first misdemeanor DUI offense to a conviction resulting in driver’s license revocation and up to one year in the Department of Corrections in the county of your arrest with conditions for a first or second misdemeanor DUI offense. A felony conviction will result in a driver’s license revocation and could result in a sentence of probation or a sentence of more than one year in the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) followed by a period of mandatory supervised release.

A person charged with DUI, whether charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, needs the representation of a criminal defense attorney well-versed in DUI law and defense. Steven Herzberg is one such defense attorney. Steven will work on both the criminal case and the other case resulting from a DUI, the driver’s license Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS) civil case.

A person charged with any crime may be required to post a cash bond to be released from custody following an arrest. In addition to any cash bond, a person charged with DUI will have his or her vehicle impounded following a DUI arrest. The person arrested will have to pay an administrative fee and a towing fee before the person can retrieve his or her vehicle from the auto pound. The administrative fee ranges from $500.00 to more than $2,000.00 depending on the municipality effectuating the arrest.

Steven Herzberg knows it is essential to retain a qualified DUI attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. This way, the attorney can begin defense by filing court documents to preserve the right to a hearing on the civil SSS. The sooner the court documents are filed, the sooner you would be entitled to a hearing on the SSS issue. A person charged with DUI has the best chance to win rescission of the SSS if the person retains a qualified DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after arrest. Promptly retaining a qualified DUI defense attorney increases the chances of winning rescission of the SSS before the SSS begins on the 46th day after arrest.

You may think you cannot afford a criminal attorney to handle your defense after paying a bond for release from custody and hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the release of your vehicle. Steven Herzberg has been defending people charged with DUI for more than a decade. He knows these initial costs make it difficult to pay a large initial retainer to an attorney.

A DUI case can take months or even more than a year to resolve depending on many variables. Steven Herzberg accepts a reasonable initial payment followed by monthly payments because he understands the unique initial financial costs and the stress of a DUI arrest. Contact Steven Herzberg as soon as you can following a DUI arrest. His knowledge of and focus on the practice of DUI law and his understanding on the financial effects of a DUI the arrest make him a great partner as your criminal defense attorney.