Personalized And Aggressive DUI Defense

An Experienced And Aggressive Defense Attorney

The cost of a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can be far more expensive than you are prepared for, making the services of a skilled defense attorney invaluable. Not all Illinois attorneys can offer you the representation you need to keep your record as clean as possible, however. When you need a driven and knowledgeable defense you can count on, you need my services.

I am attorney Steven Herzberg, a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience who is dedicated to solely defending DUI cases. I know the confusing process and the steep penalties that come with a conviction. I am ready to fight Chicago’s tough DUI laws for you. You can learn more about my experience as an attorney here:

What Sets Me Apart

When you enter a law firm, you want to feel like you are your lawyer’s most important priority. I aim to make each of my clients feel this way. In addition to the legal consequences of a DUI conviction such as high fines, community service and even jail time, the collateral consequences can cost you your job or ability to keep or gain certain employment.

I will work tirelessly to explore all possible methods of beating your DUI charges. I take the time to investigate the circumstances of your arrest and get as many facts as possible to build strong strategy for negotiating reduced penalties and alternative sentencing. I make no assumptions in my work, which is why I craft a custom-tailored approach based on your circumstances.

Make My Experience Your Advantage

Whether you are a college student or a grandparent, no one should be haunted by the consequences of DUI. Let me stand for you and fight for the best results available in your case. If you are ready to meet with someone who can defend your rights and future, contact me today by calling 312-680-0828 or emailing me here. Have you been arrested for a DUI? Now is the best time to reach out to me.