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It Is Crucial To Begin Your DUI Defense As Soon As Possible After Your Arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Driving Under The Influence, Statutory Summary Suspension

Don’t let the immediate financial consequences of DUI arrest cause you to delay in retaining a qualified DUI defense attorney. Contact Herzberg Law Firm for representation for your Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) and Statutory Summary Suspension case as soon as possible after your arrest.

People charged with DUI face additional financial consequences immediately following the DUI arrest when compared with people charged with other serious crimes. In addition to having to potentially post a cash bond for your release from custody, people arrested and charged with DUI will also have to pay a towing fee and an administrative impound fee before release of the vehicle. Your vehicle will be impounded and a minimum of 12-hour hold will be placed on the vehicle if you are arrested for DUI.

As noted, you will have to pay a towing fee and an administrative impound fee before release of your vehicle. The administrative impound fee in Chicago is more than $2,000.00. Most communities, Cook County Sheriff’s Police, and the State Police require payment of an administrative impound fee in the $500.00 range following a DUI arrest.

Attorney Steven Herzberg understands the immediate financial cost of a DUI arrest. He knows no one budgets for the financial costs of a DUI arrest. The sudden, unexpected expense following a DUI arrest can have catastrophic financial consequences. Steven Herzberg also knows it is essential to have your vehicle available to you. Steven Herzberg understands the critical importance of retaining an attorney to fight your driver’s license suspension and the DUI criminal charges as soon as possible.

Attorney Steven Herzberg is acutely aware of the financial hardship of a DUI arrest and the clients’ need to have access to his or her vehicle. Herzberg Law Firm offers flexible payment options including a low initial payment. Herzberg Law Firm accepts payment via Zelle or Cash App, and credit and debit card payments with no additional fee.

Contact me, Steven Herzberg as soon as possible after your DUI arrest to discuss your defense and your payment options. I look forward to fighting for you.