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Consequences of a Driving Under the Influence Arrest and Conviction

Illinois has strict driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs (DUI) statutes. A drunk driving arrest can result in driver’s license suspension 46 days after your arrest. A conviction for DUI may result in a jail sentence and will result in a driver’s license revocation. A suspension or revocation of your driving privileges will impact your ability to legally drive to work, school or for any other reason.

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder can expect a one-year disqualification of CDL privileges for failing to complete a chemical test or for providing a chemical sample greater than the legal limit. A finding of guilty to the DUI charge will result in a one-year disqualification of the CDL.  A second guilty finding will result in a lifetime disqualification of the CDL.

The DUI Stop

Often, the police stop your vehicle for a minor traffic violation, or you are involved in an auto accident. Any admission of alcohol or drug consumption or a perception by the officer of alcohol or drug consumption may lead to a DUI investigation. The DUI investigation may take place at the police station or at the scene of the traffic stop. The DUI investigation will usually include an officer requesting you perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, possibly including a breath test at the scene of the DUI investigation. You will be asked to provide a chemical sample that may be used as evidence against you after you are arrested for DUI. Officers choose whether to request a breath, blood, or urine test or all three tests.

I Will Be Available for You Following your DUI Arrest

I will begin working on your case immediately after you retain me by making your first payment toward legal fees. I will work with you from case intake to case disposition. I will be with you to answer your questions throughout your case. I will file all court pleadings to preserve all your rights and so I obtain the evidence in your case as quickly as possible. I will review the evidence provided for completeness. I will carefully review all police reports and video evidence. I will work with you to formulate possible defenses to the charges. I will be with you at trial, or if appropriate, I will conduct plea negotiations with the State.

Rely on My Guidance

Let me fight for you and for your rights. Understanding the ins and outs of DUI defense can be confusing. I will guide you through the entire legal process from civil Statutory Summary Suspension to achieving the best result for your criminal DUI case.

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